Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Wendy’s Where’s The Beef? T-Shirt Commercial Song Yes by Tim Myers. (Albums scheduled for release in 2012.)

Here's the Beef! Introducing Dave's Hot 'n Juicy™ Cheeseburgers. We've gone back to the grill to make our classic cheeseburger thicker, hotter and juicier than ever.

Wendy's: Where's The Beef? T-Shirt Commercial
Song: Yes by Tim Myers (Albums scheduled for release in 2012.)

Lyrics used in the commercial
love is all that i want
have all that i see
love is rapping its arms around me... ...

We've added new premium toppings like crinkle cut pickles, crisp red onions, and a warm buttered, toasted bun. Dave's Hot 'N Juicy Cheeseburgers are our hottest and juiciest in 40 years. Learn more

Song: The Good Life by Tim Myers
Released: Jan 1, 2008

Good Morning America Weekend is producing a new series called "Your Three Words" where viewers send in videos describing what they have been through the past week using just three words. They've gotten everything from "We just miscarried" to "It's not cancer" to "Miss my soldier," so it is a very touching segment. Learn more

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